Macri: “When I become President inflation is not going to be an issue”


The Buenos Aires Mayor Mauricio Macri is in full election campaign as 2015 presidential candidate and he already assumes he will be the new Argentine president.

“The mere presence of a computer with a comprehensive proposal will generate a level of confidence and austerity in the use of resources that will eliminate inflation. I guarantee. When I become president inflation will not be an issue,” he said in an interview with the La Nacion newspaper.

The official said that the main problems in 2014 are three: inflation , infrastructure and insecurity.

“We have a government that is losing control of the main variables,” he said . “For the first time the Peronists are those problems of governance,” he added.

“I think is dangerous comeback ten years ago with the same problems we thought surpassed,” Macri said, who flatly rejected any possible agreement with Sergio Massa. “I do not want to spend 2014 talking about people. I am proposing a third way, which is much more than a policy proposal. “

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