The Swiss ambassador in Argentina and an accident complicating his partner


The Swiss ambassador Johannes Matyassy is in the midst of a legal issue that features his husband, who ran last June, apparently drunk, a teenager of 14 when he went to school.

Matias Fernicola, 14, crossed the Santa Fe avenue heading to school when he was hit by a car that had diplomatic patent. “A taxi driver followed the driver to stop him, when he descended was totally drunk” reconstructs Angélica María Otero, Mother of the victim.

The driver was Othniel Miranda De Alvarenga, a Brazilian young, 28, husband of Matyassy and as it is stated in the police report “he had breath alcohol.”

Doctors diagnosed “trauma to the chest and left leg” and took Matías Fernicola to Fernández hospital.

The ambassador said, “My partner called me and immediately stopped, police arrived and had had doubts about how to proceed because there was a diplomatic car involved, then I called to ceremonial an emergency number that we have, and staff took hold of the situation, they called the highest authority of the police station, they explained how they had act and the police then followed the instructions.”

Now, the court is in a dilemma: the laws governing diplomatic immunity must be processed with an ordinary one?

The dilemma should resolve the Attorney General’s Office, by Alejandra Gils Carbó.

If taken as a diplomatic case, the cause will be left to the Supreme Court. If interpreted as a traditional process and the husband of the ambassador is not a diplomat, will return to the criminal justice system.


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