The recovery plan Sedronar continues in Rosario

cura molina

Sedronar head Juan Carlos Molina toured the Lower ParanĂ¡ area in the city of Rosario and announced there, “installation of a Day Centre for Addictions, a Training Center, a branch of the National Register of Chemical Precursors to interact with local industry and the enhancement of a floating station will have educational classroom, library, and school for the inhabitants of the islands.”

Accompanied by Transportation Secretary, Alejandro Ramos, Molina toured the area, which depends on the National Waterways Interior Ministry, whose lands are also known as the buildings of the former Ministry of Public Works.

This is Molina’s second visit to this city since he’s the head of the Secretariat for the Prevention of Drug Abuse and Drug Trafficking (Sedronar), less than two months ago.

Speaking to Telam, Molina said today “we meet a milestone for this initiative that we work from Sedronar together with the Ministries of Planning, Development and Interior to implement this project in June that we believe must be in operation”.

“We are responding to the request of the President, being in the country and act,” noted Molina adding that “we came straight from Mendoza, where we were yesterday because it is important for us to land work, we have the diagnosis, must now be to work with what we have.”

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