New attack of carnivorous fish in Rosario


According to official sources, about ten people, including several children, were injured by carnivorous fish on the waterfront of the Rambla Catalunya, in Rosario city.

The cases occurred over the past two days and were attended by staff of the Integrated Health Emergency.

The area is the same where in last December 25, 60 persons were bitten, including a 7 year old girl who suffered amputation of a finger.

The authorities refused to install a mesh containment, by the size of the beach area and because it would generate the accumulation of trash and debris carrying the Paran√° River.

Rosario Health Secretary Leonardo Carvana said, “what happened is usual when these high temperatures took place. Returning the heat ¬†these situations happen again, but are not similar to those that occurred at Christmas, where we had 60 people injured. Security measures have been implemented and we reiterate to people to respect the red flags that indicate the places where is not allow to take a bathe.”

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