Mar del Plata: Lightning flashed on a beach and left six injured

mardelplta rayo

Lightning struck in the Alfar spa, located in the city of Mar del Plata and left six wounded, while  electrical storms took place in the area.

Lightning struck in the parking lot and wounded six people, three of whom would be minors, while lifeguards were trying to evacuate the beach before the arrival of the storm.

“We were evacuating the beach and pulling people out of the water when the lightning fell about 7 meters from me. It was like a white smoke and a woman and three girls who were with her fell to the floor,”  Alfar lifeguards said. ” We called the ambulance and it arrived 20 minutes later,” he added.

Among the wounded is the spa manager. “He suffered the effect of lightning and was stunned, because I asked him to help me and didn’t react,” Jesus said .

“The lightning did not fall directly on people , but they were injured by the blast. No serious injuries,” Mar del Plata mayor Gustavo Pulti said. The official also said that he had issued a warning for thunderstorms, which was spread by social networks.

Also in Miramar, lightning hit a populated area, but fortunately no one was injured there, since it hit the water, and people had already left the beach.

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