The government released the new measures imposed to Edenor and Edesur


Planning Minister Julio De Vido announced new measures on Edenor and Edesur, and a plan of implementation by national authorities, and that “is already running” .

The plan “contemplates an immediate investment of 3,950 million pesos , of which 2.050 million were executed in granting Edesur , and 1.900 million in grant Edenor”.

“For Edesur , 2,050 million to invest , immediately, in a first stage consisting of 208 works mainly concentrated in the neighborhoods of Villa Santa Rita, Flores, Floresta, Villa Devoto, Liniers, Slaughterhouse, Caballito, Villa Crespo, Villa Mitre, Lugano, Parque Patricios, Barracks, La Boca, Monstserrat, Almagro, and Balvanera boedo of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires,” the text.

These works also cover ” the districts of Greater Buenos Aires Lanus , Quilmes , Berazategui , Avellaneda , Ezeiza , canes , San Vicente , President Peron and Almirante Brown” .

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