Congressman Dominguez proposed to move the political capital of the country to north


Lower House president Julián Domínguez expressed his conviction that the political capital of Argentina should be moved to somewhere in the north as well as to consider access to the Pacific Ocean.

“We must return to rethink Argentina, rethink the big northern of Argentina, rethink whether the political capital should be in this city or in northern,” the legislator said.

Dominguez added that the current state model was conceived 200 years ago “with its capital at the port but countries with large capital projects have not their capital at their ports. Colonies have their capital in the ports.”

Similarly advocated finding an outlet to the Pacific Ocean, stating that “in fact former president Nestor Kirchner changed strategy Argentine interests, opened the Pacific, Mercosur, Unasur”.

A similar project took place in the 80 driven by former President Raul Alfonsin when he tried to move the political capital to Viedma in Rio Negro.

Dominguez estimated that the capital should not think “the logic of Buenos Aires city”.

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