The Government is considering terminating contracts Edenor and Edesur

de vido

Federal Planning Minister Julio De Vido said that the Government had no problem to rescind the contract companies providing electric service, as it did in the past with Argentine Airlines, Argentine Mail or YPF.

At a press conference in the small theater of the Economy Ministry, De Vido said today that “our pulse won’t shake¬†to make the decisions we have to make.”

“Just as our pulse did not shake to retrieve the mail, Aguas Argentinas, YPF, create Arsat, our pulse¬†will not shake to take the measures to ensure electrical distribution,” the minister said.

The minister referred to requests by the companies for rate increase. “The government is not going to give in to pressure,” he said .


Edenor and Edesur must pay compensatory to those affected by the outages from 490-870 pesos to residential customers.

Furthermore, De Vido announced that next week , in a resolution , the Government will require all service providers have a call center for claims.

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