Ricardo Echegaray: “I did not participate in any act of violence”


The head of the Federal Administration of Public Revenue (AFIP ) Ricardo Echegaray said he was not involved in any act of violence in which a group of journalists from TN channel was attacked by an alleged group of friends who accompanied the officer while he was in Rio de Janeiro.

“If there was an act of violence or aggression, which , again, not only I did not participate butI was not present, if this hypothesis posted by Grupo Clarín and La Nación is true, I reject it and fully express my solidarity,” Echegaray said.

He added: “As I do not like that physical attacks on me or chase me, I do not agree a similar situation to other people.”

Also said : “There was a journalistic version that I had traveled to Dubai, it was in all the media, and that it was untrue. I didn’t travel to Dubai.”

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