Edenor apologized for the outages


The company Edenor apologized to its users by cuts in electricity during the heat wave and said “it continues its ambitious investment plan to support the growth in demand.”

“In recent weeks Edenor worked extremely stressed by the effects of climate emergency as Argentine suffered the worst heat wave of the last 100 years,” said the company statement.

“The company put everything at its disposal to alleviate the phenomenon with minimal impact to users. The task was immense and it was only possible to perform due to the commitment of Luz y Fuerza workers and company officials who worked extended hours without francs and holidays, to achieve the restoration of electricity to all affected customers,” the text says.

In this context, thanked “the work of all staff and their enormous effort, almost all of clients received the service normally.”

“To all those clients who suffered interruptions in electricity supply, the company apologizes for the inconvenience,” the statement continued.

“Edenor continue its ambitious investment plan, which in 2014 will amount to 1,970 million pesos , in order to support the growth in demand, improve its facilities and quality of service provided to more than 2.7 million customers in its concession area.”

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