Capitanich: “One of the goals for 2014 is to increase power generation”


The Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich announced the Government’s main objectives for this year, among which stressed “the increase in power generation to meet the growing demand.”

In a series of messages posted on his personal account of the social network Twitter, Capitanich posted almost 500 goals to run in 2014, ordered by President Cistina Kirchner.

Among the stated objectives, it also highlights the increase in exports , housing construction , reducing child mortality, reduction of unemployment, promote a new organic law of the Federal Penitentiary Service and drive the enactment of the Civil, Commercial and Criminal Codes.
On energy , Capitanich said the goal is “to increase 1,625 MW of power generation of 3,250 program for 2015, which will meet the growing demand.”

In addressing issues related to the international trade agenda, highlighted as one of the main goals of increasing exports to 94.034 million dollars “by strengthening 23 destinations and more than 40 products to strengthen the position of currencies.”

It will aim to “create conditions to overcome 110 M tonnes of grains and oilseeds, and reduce climate risk with multi-risk insurance,” he added in reference to agricultural policy.

Regarding the challenges related to employment, Capitanich noted that one of the objectives is “to achieve a lower rate of 6.3% unemployment and promote collective agreements for work”.

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