YPF also increased its fuel

ypf aumento de precio

YPF, which last year rose 25 % prices, today increased 6.8 % average price of its liquid fuels.

The increase was greater in the case of diesel and premium gasoline, which already it sells for 9.99 pesos per liter in the city of Buenos Aires, and even above $ 10, in the case of other companies.

Shell also increased between 6 and 10 percent rates in a race that threatens to overheat even more inflation in January, since these increases the pressure on prices is always generated for the summer holidays adds.

A liter of diesel Diesel Formula rose to 8.32 pesos, the diesel V-Power Nitro, to $ 9.97, the gasoline V-Power Nitro to $ 10.50 and grade gasoline at $ 9.36 .

In Buenos Aires service stations, a liter of super gasoline YPF now costs $ 8.72 and the premium rose from 8.99 to 9.69 pesos, up from 7.8%.

A liter of diesel costs $ 7.77 and Euro Diesel increased from 8.29 to 8.90 pesos.

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