The increase in the metropolitan area buses rules from today

sube aumento

The new fee schedule for public transport in the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires rules from today. The increase is 66% on the ticket.

The minimum passage rose from 1.50 to 2.50 pesos, if you have the SUBE card. A resolution of the Ministry of Interior and Transportation was published in the Official Gazette in late December.

Casa Rosada also established that those users without the SUBE  (Unified System eTicket) card must pay a minimum of 5 pesos ticket.

Retirees, domestic workers and beneficiaries of the Universal Child Allowance, Allowance Pregnancy, Heads of Household program and veterans of the Falklands War may pay only 40 percent of the ticket value , the government announced.

The Government also decided that the School and Student tickets will remain unchanged in value.

New rate:

0-3 km, $ 2.50 (with SUBE) and $ 5.00 (without SUBE)

3-6 km, $ 2.70 (with SUBE) and $ 5.50 (without SUBE)

6-12 km, $ 2.85 (with SUBE) and $ 5.75 (without SUBE)

12-27 km, $ 3.90 (with SUBE) and $ 8.00 (without SUBE)

More than 27 km, $ 4.50 (with SUBE) and $ 9.00 (without SUBE)


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