Scioli: “Tourism in Mar del Plata is an expression of government policy”


Buenos Aires Governor Daniel Scioli said the flow of tourists in Mar del Plata is “a clear expression of the policies implemented by the government of Cristina Kirchner” during supervizaci√≥n Operating Sol 2013-2014.

Scioli added that these policies “allowed in a province like ours back upward social mobility for workers and the middle class to regain positions.”

The president stressed that Mar del Plata “is a thermometer of moving Argentina, an Argentina with more work, consumption, with great commercial movement, through national policies that positively impact in the province.”

Scioli asked by “one year alone, each making the effort to gradually overcome these circumstances”, and fought for “coexistence to a mature 30 years of democracy, join forces to solve problems and take care of what has been achieved, which is very important” .

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