New Year celebrations: 68 wounded due to fireworks


Argentina, January 1, 2014

In the City of Buenos Aires, there were recorded around 68 wounded by the New Year celebrations. 25 were treated at the Burn Institute, 21 in St. Lucia Hospital and 22 other in the ye hospital Pedro Lagleyze.

Dr. Miriam Minho reported until 8 am that were 16 children and 9 adults who required medical attention as a result of various accidents by the use of fireworks both legal and illegal ones.

So far, the most serious case that the hospital had to meet was that of a man who suffered the loss of a finger by the explosion of a firecracker. “A local injury is severe for him. But how it has exploded, went pretty well because it was only a phalanx” the specialist emphasized at the institute located in the neighborhood of Caballito.

On the other hand, the doctor noted the difference between legal and illegal fireworks “this time we have the case of two children who had the fireworks in their pockets and exploded. You know why they are illegal. It did not harm their genitals, but the groin.”

Meanwhile, 22 others were assisted at the eye hospital Lagleyze Pedro, in the neighborhood of Paternal, with injuries during the New Year celebrations. The head guard of the health center, Marcelo Oliveri, reported that the total affected are 17 are adults and five children, adding “20 were injured by fireworks”.

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