Maradona celebrated the New Year with his girlfriend Rocío Oliva


Argentina, January 1, 2014

Maradona celebrated the 2014 with his girlfriend Rocio Oliva. Former footballer and coach of the Argentina celebrated with his current partner the New Year.

It should be recalled that on Christmas Giannina Maradona did not let Oliva enter the house of Don Diego.

“It did not seem right that Rocío come because it was too late, Daddy was already sleeping. She did not have anything to do in there,” he told Marina Calabro in the “Infama” program, days ago.

However, despite the tense moment, the reality was different this December 31. Without anyone in the middle, Diego and Rocio welcomed the 2014 but without neglecting the controversy. “The best of my 2013, it was you! And those who wait for our separation, they’ll continue waiting. I love you”, Oliva published on her personal Twitter account.

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