Thieves stole Valeria Mazza’s house in San Isidro


Argentina, December 31, 2013

Offenders stole the house of the famous model Valeria Mazza and her husband, businessman Alejandro Gravier, in Acassuso, San Isidro, at a time when it was uninhabited, as the couple and their children are on vacation in Punta del Este.

Police sources reported that the incident happened yesterday, in the neighborhood of San Isidro, where the couple owns a home in which they have installed a sophisticated security system.

As reported by the agency DyN: An employee found yesterday several jewels missing inside the property as well as belongings that were kept in a safe.

The property has nine security cameras and a monitoring center in the basement. The landlord of the property reported that in the safe were missing the golden image of a virgin and some Hindu sculptures. Also found that were missing jewels from home.

Spokesmen said that the couple was alerted about the incident and that they will return to Buenos Aires. There is also awaiting the file of the police report, which for the moment was not done.

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