Rosario: New attacks of palometas in the coast of the Paraná River


Argentina, December 31, 2013

The heat wave that struck the central region of the country took a new dimension the last weekend in Rosario, where many tourists were attacked by “palometas”, fish related to the piranha. As consequence of these attacks, more than 70 people had to be treated at medical centers and many children suffered the amputation of one of their fingers.

Most attacks were recorded in the Rambla Catalunya, where a young man could witness how in this beach at least two people were removed from the water after being attacked.

These cases occurred after the first attack and had no media coverage as the authorities sought not to generate a “wave of panic” about the possibility of bathing on the shores of the Parana River.

The palometas are attracted to warm waters, but due to the rain last night, the temperature dropped ten degrees. Following this, it is expected the water to be cooler, which should ward off the aggressive fish.

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