Four children died after a house went on fire


Argentina, December 31, 2013

According to police sources: In the locality of Quilmes four children between 3 and 8 years old died when after their house went on fire after an accident with a candle, due to the a power outages.

“The incident began at 23:50 Friday at the home of Cervantes Street 34 , about 20 meters from the Rio de la Plata ” .

Children were identified as Dilan Carlucci, of 3 years; Brisa Quiroga of 6; Damian Roland of 7 and Abril Quiroga of 8.

The mother of the victims, Karina Carlucci, 32, told police officers that she “had no electricity all day, so she chose to light a candle.”

Police said: “Shortly before midnight, the woman left the house and come back a few minutes later, but she observed that the house was on fire and called the fire department and rescue workers who extinguished the fire, but the children had already died amid the flames.”

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