Celebrations across the world to receive the New Year


December 31, 2013

The eastern world already received the 2014 and the celebrations did not go unnoticed. Sydney, Dubai, Cape Town, New York and Rio de Janeiro organized celebrations and gathered crowds with impressive firework shows. The first, as always, were New Zealand, Australia and Asia soon after.

Sidney deployed a pyrotechnics spectacular show, just as it does every year. The “Opera” hosted the launch of 6 million Australian dollars in fireworks.

In Japan, the population received the New Year with the purchase of “sashimi” and other delicacies in the country that are considered a symbol for wishing long life. They also celebrated the arrival of 2014 in Hong Kong, Thailand, South Korea and Indonesia, among other countries.

The organizers of the New Year celebrations in Dubai attempted to break the Guinness World Record for the longest fireworks display.

Meanwhile, in Russia, President Vladimir Putin celebrated the New Year at the east of his country and gave a speech. He promised the “complete elimination” of Islamic extremism after two suicide bombings that left 34 dead in the city of Volgograd.

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