An Argentine scientist remains stranded in the Russian vessel “Akademik Shokalsiy”


Argentina, December 31, 2013

The Russian ship Akademik Shokalsiy remains stranded for a week in the ice of Antarctica. Today it emerged that the information that among the crew is Ezequiel Marzinelli, an Argentine scientist who was on the ship for climate studies.

At the moment, the Russian Foreign Ministry awaits weather conditions to improve to send a helicopter and rescue people who are on board the vessel.

Akademik Shokalskiy is imprisoned in the ice about 2,778 kilometers south of the Australian city of Hobart and close to the French base Dumont d’ Urville, located in the southeast of Antarctica.

The Argentine examines the interaction between microorganisms and macro-organisms of marine communities, and the impact of climate change and other human disturbances on these dynamics, according to the website of the expedition “The Mawson spirit”.

The task of the Russian vessel is recalling the expedition that made a century the explorer Douglas Mawson in Antarctica, who offered the first study of the frozen continent.

The other Latin American on board are the Chilean Alicia Guerrero and Chilean-Australian Naysa Balcazar Cabrera.

Scientists use social media and technology to send messages and post pictures and videos of this adventure.

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