Schumacher doctors said “it is difficult to talk about chances of survival”


“We can not talk about chances of survival,” said the French doctors who treat the former German Formula 1 driver Michael Schumacher, who suffered a skiing accident in the French Alps .

“His life situation is very committed in his vital signs,” explained the doctors of Grenoble city, in the south of France.

“It’s a very, very grave and serious state.” “You could say that he is fighting for his life,” they added . ” The latest tests showed a cranial hematoma and diffuse brain edema.”

And they clarified, “There are no plans to do a second operation because at the moment it is not necessary.”

“We are working every minute, day and night to improve prognosis. He had brain injuries. Diffuse lesions, but we can not speculate on other brain injuries.”

“The helmet protected him in part. Anyone who has suffered this accident would not have survived without a helmet. That is clear”.

“The treatment is being subjected needs time. I can not talk about or where the forecast is to be routed . Our purpose of this press conference is to inform about the current state . We will not speak of contingencies or the future because it is so soon,” they insisted.

“It’s a patient with a severe head injury . This is the situation , although by definition can itself evolve ,” they concluded.

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