Russia: New suicide attack left at least 14 dead


A new suicide attack took place today in the city of Volgograd in southern Russia, killing at least 14 people dead and dozens injured.

Yesterday, a similar attack which killed 17 others , occurred in the same place and all the alarms went on, considering that in six weeks will be held the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

The new attack occurred at 8.30 am (1.30 Argentina) in a trolley bus traveling near the center of Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad).

“The death toll rose to 14 and 28 wounded,”┬áHealth┬áMinistry spokesman Oleg Salatai said.

“The fact that both shrapnel from explosive devices is identical confirms the story that are interrelated . Bombs may have been manufactured in the same place,” he added.

“Now we can ensure, on a preliminary basis, that the explosive device was activated by a suicide bomber, a man. Fragments of his body have been sent [to the lab] for DNA testing that could allow his identification,” he added.

“The trolley was only the case ( … ) The explosion was of such force that blew the windows of an apartment building that faces five floors,” said Markin.

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