María Eugenia Vidal, “I was surprised by Cristina Kirchner silence before power outages”


Buenos Aires City deputy chief of government María Eugenia Vidal said she was surprised by the silence of President Cristina Kirchner at the lack of electricity in many places in front of the heat wave.

The government “has tried to find responsible people who have nothing to do with its management.” ” I was surprised by the silence of Cristina,” Vidal said in dialogue with Radio La Red.

She added: “There is a failure of energy policy for many years. In the next heat wave we will have the same difficulties if there is no greater investment.”

In an attempt to reduce consumption at high temperatures, Mauricio Macri administration yesterday declared energy emergency and ordered the day off today.

Vidal also denied that the Buenos Aires government has received a proposal from the national government to the energy crisis. “We have not received any specific proposal, beyond a statement, we have not received anything to test this issues,” she said .

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