De Vido rejects change of time zone asked by Macri with harsh criticism


Planning minster Julio De Vido rejected the change of the time zone, as proposed by Mauricio Macri, while considered the head of city government should “work more hours.”

“Instead of talking so much about the time, what he should do is to work more hours,” said De Vido, to reject the proposal of the head of Government of Buenos Aires City to change the time zone in the east of the country .

Through a statement, the minister ruled out having two time zones because “it could  generate disorders and higher costs than benefits, it would not be logical to have such a schedule in Córdoba and one in Santiago del Estero.”

De Vido said that “this is an opportunist without technical rigor because the consumption peak no longer occurs at night but at 3 in the afternoon, so changing the time would have a negligible impact much less when there is an unusual heat wave, the Weather Service described as the largest since 1906 , ie since records exist. “

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