Capitanich: “Only 1 or 2% have problems of electricity”


The national chief of staff Jorge Capitanich assured that from all users of electrical service only 1 or 2% was affected by the power outages.

“When you look at the big picture, it is 1 or 2% of places with difficulties,” said the official at the usual conference held at Casa Rosada.

Capitanich added: “It occurs in repeated locations, recurrently, where it is clear that there are problems of distribution.”

And explained: “In a universe of 5,600,000 users, the level of involvement ranged is between 1 and 3 percent.”

The chief of staff again blame the companies that provide the power. “The primary and foremost responsibility is from the companies”.

On the other hand said he did not possess any dispute with the Planning Minister Julio De Vido. “I do not have any controversy, dispute or quarrel (with De Vido), to clarify, because the media always tries to invent some kind of confrontation”.

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