Lammens: “I won’t hire Pizzi again”


Argentina, December 29, 2013

Speaking controversial, President of San Lorenzo Matias Lammens did not hide the anger and disappointment that generated the sudden departure of Juan Antonio Pizzi from the Coaching Staff. “The club is always above the names” he said. 

“I’ll evaluate it in the future, but I won’t look for Pizzi again” Lammens said in an interview he gave on Radio Mitre. He added: “They way he left took us with much surprise, but it was difficult to hold him in San Lorenzo, although the club has to be on top of proper names and now we start a new phase with Bauza”.

Furthermore, and thinking ahead, he said that although they have not yet talked with the new Coach about the reinforcements, he said that former Boca’s striker Nicolás Blandi is close to land in San Lorenzo. So he said “Tomorrow we’ll finish his arrival. I do not think there are problems to be done, because that the player wants to play in San Lorenzo. “

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