Capitanich and Berni flew over the areas affected by the power outages


Argentina, December 29, 2013

Last night, the cabinet chief Jorge Capitanich flew along with Secretary of Security of the province of Buenos Aires Sergio Berni the metropolitan area overseeing the relief operation deployed by the national government to fight power outages and lack of water in different localities.

Thus, Capitanich said “in the panoramic view we found that the power supply in the entire metropolitan area is positive” but added “we have identified very specific cases involving a group of buildings in specific blocks that are a proportion of users who are affected.”

He also evaluated “there are approximately 5.6 million people with power and in some cases neighbors protests.”

“It is up to Edenor and Edesur take charge of solving the problems of supply” he said, without even making any criticism regarding the political control of the energy policies of the companies responsible for providing the supply.

And finally he said “we rode with Berni in helicopter to observe all the actions to fight the climate emergency, which should meet neighbors with water , also disciplinary team of social development, public health , in those places where we have identified some problems.”

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