The City Government announced measures to help people without water an electricity


Argentina, 28 de diciembre de 2013

The vicepresident of the government of the City of Buenos Aires, María Eugenia Vidal announced measures adopted since yesterday and throughout the weekend to fight power outages.

Vidal took the measures over the situation happening in several neighborhoods of the city that remain with power outages and lack of water. Mauricio Macri and Cabinet Chief Horacio Rodríguez Larreta are on their holidays.

Vidal said: “There will be a team of 400 people, Civil Defense workers and other areas of government that will be distributing potable water in buildings where seniors live. For that, they have to call 108. They’ll be all weekend and will continue on Monday if necessary.”

“To alleviate the shortage of water, there will be several tankers with a capacity of 8000 liters that will carry the water to the most neglected neighborhoods, but will also be available when they are needed elsewhere in the city.”

“During the weekend will be open six community venues for neighbors, where, if needed, they can charge their phones, be assisted or make any inquiries in Communes 5, 6, 7, 9, 11 and 15″.

“This measure is directly related to which days ago had already implemented all government agencies, where neighbors approach to connect and charge their phones.”

“The victims may approach all sports centers to bath free. Throughout the city there are 18 and can be found on the website of the city government: We know that is not all they need, but we try to give the least some help.”

“Patients who need to refrigerate medication may do so in the refrigerators of the nearest public hospital or call 103 if they need assistance Civil Defense. Moreover, the lighting was off monuments, fountains and signage own city government who invited private companies to join the initiative. “

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