Minister Julio De Vido criticized Edesur for the power outages


Argentina, December 28, 2013

Federal Planning Minister Julio De Vido criticized Edesur for not having “neither the presence nor attitude” to solve outages and complained to the Argentine company shareholders because they have “social responsibility” to reverse the situation if the Spanish and Italian owners do not do not do anything.

“Edesur executives have neither the presence nor attitude” to solve problems of electricity supply, emphasized De Vido.

In press statements from the nuclear power plant of Atucha in Zárate, De Vido criticized the majority of the shareholders of Edesur, controlled by the Italian ENEL holding, and said that “the effort is being done in a 90% by the workers of the company”.

The minister called Argentine shareholders to take charge of the situation with “social responsibility” if “the Italians or the Spanish do not solve the problems”.

The situation differed with Edenor, which had, according to him “a much better resolution of the crisis.”

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