Judge closed the investigation over the crime of Angeles Rawson


Argentina, December 28, 2013

The judge Javier Rios judge closed the investigation of the crime of teen Angeles Rawson. For the fact, Jorge Mangeri remains detained. In turn, he requested the parties to give their opinion because he intends to raise the case to trial in February.

The judge took the decision late yesterday after understanding that there is no action pending in the trial record.

As ordered by the Criminal Procedure Code of the Nation in Article 346, RĂ­os gave sight to the complainant in this case represented by attorney Pablo Lanusse, and prosecutor Maria Paula Asaro.

According to the spokesperson, the intention is to raise the cause to trial in early February, after the judicial fair, and then the oral court must judge the responsibility of Mangeri in the case.

On December 20, the House passed the Crime reconfirmed the processing and detention of Mangeri, with the new rating of “sexual abuse and aggravated attempted femicide”.

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