Greenpeace activists Camila Speziale and Hernán Orsi returned to Argentina


Argentina, 28 de diciembre de 2013

Greenpeace activists Camila Speziale and Hernan Perez Orsi, who were arrested for more than a month in Russia for demonstrating against oil rig exploration of the company Gazprom in the Arctic, returned this morning to Argentina.

Speziale, 21, and Perez Orsi, 40, departed on a plane from the Pulkovo International Airport of St. Petersburg three days after the declaration of a general amnesty on the 20th anniversary of the Russian Constitution.

Both arrived at Ezeiza International Airport at 9:13 in the Air France flight 394, who boarded in Paris, and were awaited by family and Greenpeace activists with green and white shirts.

Speaking to the press, Perez Orsi said: “There were many difficult moments, but this experience reaffirms my values”.

Meanwhile, Speziale said “there were difficult times and this should not have happened. It was an injustice because all we wanted was to protect the planet and I think the Russian government owes us all an apology for the action they performed against us.”

When asked by reporters about who paid the bond, the two Argentines confirmed that it was not the Argentine government.

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