Argentina: The Human Rights Watch criticized Milani as lieutenant general of the Army


Argentina, December 28, 2013

Human Rights Watch, an international organization that monitors human rights, expressed its “concern” about the rise of Milani as army lieutenant general, considering that “credible” allegations of DD. HH. “allow to doubt seriously about him.”

“Instead of ascending Milani in these circumstances, the government should conduct thorough and impartial investigations into these alleged crimes and act to hold accountable those responsible to justice” said the international body.

And the statement of the organization added “as emerges from court documents, Milani would have produced a report on the desertion of a soldier in the province of Tucum├ín in 1976. This soldier was subsequently forcibly disappeared. Commission’s report also includes the testimony of a man that accused Milani of participating in a raid on his home in the province of La Rioja during which his father was tortured then”.

“Milani told the Center for Legal and Social Studies, a local human rights organization, that he was unaware of a clandestine detention center in the military unit where he worked at the time, although several court rulings confirmed the existence of this detention” HRW says.

Also, the Center for Legal and Social Studies (CELS), which usually aligned with the government, challenged the statement of rise of army chief for his alleged involvement in crimes against human rights during the military dictatorship.

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