The minimum bus ticket increases to $ 2.50


The bus ticket in metropolitan area will change from January 1, 2014 to $ 2.50, which implies an increase of 66 % since its current value is 1.50 .

This value is for users who have the SUBE card otherwise the ticket will cost $ 5.

The measure was published today in the Official Gazette by Resolution 1609.

Meanwhile, retirees, domestic workers, beneficiaries of the Universal for child benefits, pregnancy, program managers and home veterans of the Falklands, who so far had a 26.7 % discount now they will have 40 % of the ticket value .

The increase is based on the “finding real wage improvements over population, accompanied by a sharp drop in unemployment rates,” the resolution said.

And the text of the measure, signed by the Minister of Interior and Transportation, Florencio Randazzo, clarifies that from 2001 to 2007 prices were unchanged, because there it was possible to “restructure the tariff levels” to cover part of the “coverage gap operating costs of urban services and suburban transport.”

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