Santa Fe: Experts say the carnivorous fish attack was an unusual event

palometas ataque

Undersecretary of Natural Resources in Santa Fe Ricardo Biasatti said the attack of carnivorous fish called palometas which left at least 70 wounded on the shores of the Paraná River, it was an unusual episode.

He ruled that a new attack by these fish may occur and said it was an episode “isolated and insignificant when you consider the size of the Paraná river.”

For his part, President of the Association of Fishermen Espinillo, Julián Aguilar, also said that the possibility of a repeat episode is minimal, since the attacks of these fish to humans “are casual.”

He added: “It may be the shoal sense the movement of people in the water and the fish attacked, but it is not normal.”

In the province of Santa Fe “there are 800 kilometers of coastline. They are quite sporadic reports of this kind,” said Biasatti.

The expert further explained that “the palometas usually remain in calm water and it is not true they spread disease.”

The swarm attack took place in the popular resort Rambla Catalunya, in the north of Rosario. Some children who were in the water suffered amputation of fingers. Seven were hospitalized, but yesterday they were all discharged.

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