Capitanich: “The government is ready to take over the power supply”


The national chief of staff Jorge Capitanich again hold the companies providing electric service by outages during heatwave and reiterated that the government is able to take charge.

In the regular press conference every morning at Government House , Capitanich also said that “companies must report on contingency plans and related investments.”

Asked about the next step , Capitanich said “for breach of contract the regulator must consider the termination of the agreement” and recalled the “numerous intimations” received by companies of the National Government .

“We are in contact with those responsible for the regulation of service to supply this information, and you have to create the conditions to see how the problems that exist and companies adequately inform their customers are resolved,” he said .

Moreover reiterated that companies Edenor and Edesur “are responsible for providing electric service” to customers and noted that the regulator is responsible for establishing “fines and compensation” in addition to “review the termination of contracts.”

” We have already intimated to the companies to inform the neighbors, and the state has provided emergency mechanisms such as the provision of emergency equipment and telephone customers claims,” he said .

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