Rain arrives tonight, but high temperatures to continue


In the City of Buenos Aires and around the rain come tonight, after the intense heat wave affecting much of the country, although high temperatures will not cease .

On this day, the minimum temperature will be 27 degrees and maximum of 37, while on Friday, after the rain, the temperature would drop, with a minimum of 22 degrees and a maximum of 33.

The National Weather Service maintains the red alert dueto the heat and issued a series of recommendations to address it.

The agency said on its website that the red alert is declared “in exceptional cases of heat waves, which can affect all healthy people, and not just those at risk.”

Given the high temperatures the Ministry of Health recommends a series of preventive guidelines such as, drink plenty of water throughout the day, eat fresh foods like fruits and vegetables, avoid alcoholic drinks, very sweet and hot teas.

It is also advised to wear loose clothing, light materials and light colors, drink fluids before, during and after practicing any outdoor activity and sun protection by wearing a hat or using an umbrella.

In the case of infants and young children is recommended breast-feed more often; give them fresh and safe water, put them in cool and ventilated places.

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