Moron: For high temperatures, the pavement was lifted in some areas

asfalto levantado moron

Due to the high temperatures that reach much of the country, in the city of Morón a striking phenomenon took place, large slabs of asphalt rose in at least three points, and prompting Civil Defense staff closed them for traffic.

Neighbors heard a crack and peeked to see what had happened and they found the pavement destroyed.

The first break originated in 2000 Crisologo Larralde St. Neighbors placed a chair to warn motorists and called Civil Defense that closed the area to traffic. The same happened in at least two other points in the corner of Convention and Patagonian (South Morón) and at 400 Saavedra St.

“It’s visible, but we do not know if it can happen in a minor or extended sector. If there is movement of vehicles or pedestrians is dangerous because, besides the asphalt, earth also rises ,” said Martin Carballo , director of Civil Defense Morón.

“What we envision is that minor explosions occur due to the high temperatures we had all week. Raised an opening with asphalt plates up to one meter high in some cases,” Carballo added.

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