Kunkel: “Cristina will be a candidate in 2015″


The ruling lawmaker Carlos Kunkel said that in 2015, President Cristina Fernández will continue in politics and will be a candidate for office but did not specify which post.

How do you imagine the president in 2015, asked the journalist and the congressman responded: “Making policy and being a candidate.” But he evaded the question about the charge for which Cristina could fight. “Ask within 18 months.”

And he sent a message to those who are not agree with the list of the ruling. “The President listens to everyone and then decide. Those who will disagree with this list, may present itself, for that is democracy,” he said.

In this context, he warned “those who make media operations to appear as leaders” of Peronism “Whoever enters Pope goes altar boy” in reference to a phrase from the Vatican used by Juan Peron.