The National Weather Service issued the red alert


Argentina, December 25, 2013

The National Weather Service decided to issue a red alert because of the high temperatures in the metropolitan area. Red alert means that heat can affect anyone, not just those at greatest risk.

Today another day of extreme heat affects Buenos Aires, with a temperature of not less than 27 degrees and climbing to 38 in the afternoon. It may be recalled that last year, on the eve of Christmas, the wind chill had touched 46 degrees.

The red alert “is reached in extreme situations” said the statement from the NWS.

“We cannot change the weather, but we can adopt habits that help us to fight heat such as hydration with water throughout the day, even when we are not thirsty, the Intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, instead of heavy and difficult meals to digest, avoid alcohol” said Sebastian Laspiur, director of Health Promotion of the Ministry of Health.

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