Russian Justice closed the cases against Greenpeace activists


Argentina, December 25, 2013

Fortunately, the situation of the activists of Greenpeace in Russia had a happy ending. The Russian Justice closed the cases after the Congress voted an amnesty. The decision affected only eight members, among whom is Camila Speziale, but it is expected the legal forgiveness to be extended to all the crew of the “Arctic Sunrise”.

The organization announced today via Twitter the closure of the proceedings against Speziale, Turkish Gizem Akhan, New Zealander Jonathan Beauchamp, Dutch Ubels Mannes, American ship’s captain Peter Willcox, Polish Tomasz Dziemianczuk, Ukrainian Ruslan Yakushev and Russian Dimitri Litvinov.

Yet the benefits should be extended to the rest of the crew, including the other Argentine Hernan Perez Orsi, though all were already freed by the amnesty law passed last Thursday.

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