Pablo Moyano: “We could support Scioli, De la Sota or Massa”


Argentina, December 25, 2013

Pablo Moyano, Deputy Secretary of the Teamsters union, said today that “the Peronist candidates for 2015 are “Daniel Scioli, De la Sota and Massa”.

He also said that the CGT who heads his father, Hugo Moyano, can support both Scioli, as De la Sota or Massa, in the presidential elections of 2015.

Thus, he said “the leader to take the flags of the CGT, what we are calling in social work, earnings, increase to retirees and free peer, will support it.” The strategy would be to avoid an alliance still far from 2015.

Therefore, the assertion of Pablo Moyano Moyano certifies that this time will take their time when it comes to close ranks with a Peronist candidate.

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