Carnivorous fish left more than 60 injured in Rosario


Argentina, December 25, 2013

Given the intense heat wave plaguing the central region of Argentina, thousands of people came to the beaches of Rosario to fight the high temperatures. However, they did not expect to find an unusual invasion of palometa, which left more than 60 people injured. The most serious was a 7 year old girl who suffered the amputation of a finger.

The youngest of seven years was hospitalized after suffering the amputation of the finger of her left hand after suffering a bite of the fish, as sources of the Integrated Emergency Health System (SIES) Rosario confirmed.

“This is the first time this has happened in the season (summer) and it was very aggressive. This began to occur after the mid-morning, there began to appear people with bites on their heels, feet and hand” said the doctor Gustavo Centurion.

Lifeguards, along with the Municipal Urban Guard of Rosario, put on alert visitors to prevent further bathing on the shores of the Paraná River.

The palometa are carnivorous fish with sharp teeth and an aggressive attitude, often acting in group and appearing on the shores of the Paraná River, especially with high temperatures. They are very similar to the piranha and are also attracted to wounds or blood.