Cacho Castaña remains in intensive care in Los Arcos Sanatorium


Argentina, December 25, 2013

After Christmas Eve, Dr. Alfredo Cahe, personal doctor of Cacho Castaña, said that the singer remains in a delicate state and said “we have to pray for him”. Castaña remains in intensive care in Los Arcos Sanatorium.

The doctor expressed his surprise for the sudden fading suffered by the singer: “he has never suffered a loss of consciousness” but he added “the oxygen deficit was very evident.”

As soon as they arrived to the clinic, the doctor said they ruled out the possibility of a stroke and said they believe it was “a metabolic imbalance”.

“This was a surprise for us … We have to wait and pray for him” he said, while also clarified that they are doing studies to determine his status and evolution.

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