The “People’s singer” recorded his debut album


Argentina, December 24, 2013

Gustavo Remesar, launches its debut album after winning the contest “Dreaming for singing ” last October .

The singer, of 43 years old and native of Longchamps (Buenos Aires ), was elected by the people as the “People’s singer”, recorded his first solo album with the production of Oscar Mediavilla, arranged and conducted by Dany Vila for the label MediaMusic records.

The album features 10 songs, the same ones the singer played throughout the contest and which achieved to reach his dream. In the recording participated Daniel Leis on guitars, Gustavo Giuliano in electric bass on drums Hernan Marchesi and Dany Vila in piano and keyboards, everything under the production of Oscar Mediavilla.

Elected with 56.71 % of votes in the contest, he is preparing for the season at Mar del Plata. Between January and February 2014, he will present the album live on “Tío Curzio.”

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