The man shot in the middle of protest died in Piñero Hospital


Argentina, December 24, 2013

The incident involving a neighbor of Flores and an officer of the Federal Police had a tragic end. Finally, the man who was protesting against power outages and received an accidental shot by the officer, died in Piñero Hospital as a result of the wound.

Nicolas Encinas said that, when he was arrested, the neighbor had wanted to rob him, but then admitted he wanted to get his 9 mm pistol to scare him. Then, he accidentally fired a shot and wounded Angel Duarte in his chest.

The man was helped by an ambulance and taken to the SAME Piñero Hospital, where he underwent surgery, but his condition worsened until his fatal end.

Nicolas Encinas, an officer of the federal police serving the Transit Police, was housed in a cell now available to the judge of instruction number 28, Maria Rita Acosta.

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