Police officer shot neighbor that was demonstrating against power outages


Argentina, December 24, 2013

A man was shot two times in the chest while he was demonstrating to demand no more power outages in the neighborhood of Flores. A policeman was arrested.

The Policeman accused and arrested for shooting a neighbor was passed to passive service by order of the head of the Federal Police, Roman Di Santo, as confirmed sources of that force.

The policeman Nicholas Encinas told the police that he was trying to stop a neighbor that wanted to steal him, but then admitted he draw his pistol caliber 9 mm to scare him and accidentally shot Angel Duarte.

The incident occurred after midnight in the corner of the board and Quirno Avenue in the neighborhood of Flores, and the shot man was identified as Angel Duarte, 40 years old and taxi driver, who remained of confinement in the Hospital Pinero, where he underwent surgery.

According to investigators, it all started just after 11.45 pm last night when a group of residents concentrated in that corner to request no more power outages that affected the area for several hours.

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