Morales denounced that the Army holds illegal intelligence tasks on journalists


Argentina, December 24, 2013

Radical senator Gerardo Morales said today that the Army performs illegal intelligence tasks on political leaders and journalists. The defense minister, Agustín Rossi, denied the claim and said that the Federal Court dismissed a complaint in this regard.

Morales said in a statement: “In the Army headquarters, in the Libertador Avenue building, in a room on the seventh floor, is done clandestine espionage.”

Moreover, he told to Radio El Mundo: “The Government believes that intelligence tasks are more effective if they are done by the Army rather than by the Intelligence Secretariat (SIDE).”

According to Rossi: “What’s he’s saying is very irresponsible.”

“The complaint held by Morales was already done and was dismissed in this December by Judge Daniel Rafecas”.

And he added “the intelligence activities carried out by the Armed Forces have parliamentary scrutiny through the Bicameral Committee on Intelligence.”

On the situation of spying journalists and opposition politicians, Rossi said: “Morales has been many years within the National Congress and he is aware that there is a bicameral commission of intelligence that is the controlling intelligence activities.”

“Judge Daniel Rafecas already rejected the existence of such espionage because indeed, there was no evidence that Senator Morales could deliver to Justice.”

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