Maravilla Martinez has new challenge: Miguel Angel Cotto


Argentina, December 24, 2013

After winning the world title against the Mexican Julio Cesar Chavez and ratifying it against the British Martin Murray, Argentine boxer Maravilla Martinez has a new challenger: the Puerto Rican Miguel Angel Cotto, who holds a record of 38 wins and 4 losses. For now, the scenario was not confirmed, but could be in the Metlife Stadium or Madison Square Garden, in New York.

The fight against the Central American boxer will mark the return to the ring of the current world middleweight champion of the World Boxing Council.

The stipulated date is June 7, 2014. Maravilla played his last fight on April 27 this year, in which he beat Britain’s Martin Murray in VĂ©lez Sarsfield Stadium.

The fight, which was not yet confirmed, could be held in the Metlife Stadium, which usually serves as local football teams of the Jets and Giants, or at Madison Square Garden, both of New York.

Cotto, with 38 wins (31 by KO) and only 4 defeats was WBO junior welterweight, welterweight WBA and WBO and middleweight WBA. Maravilla, of 39 years old, would reach the full recovery from his right knee, which that kept him apart from the competition for much of this season.


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