Cacho Castaña was hospitalized after suffering a stroke


Argentina, December 24, 2013

Singer Cacho Castaña was admitted to the Arcos Sanatorium unconscious. Dr. Alfredo Cahe said to the media “I thought I had been a stroke.”

“I am extremely worried. This morning he had a gradual loss of knowledge. We are now waiting for his developments and analysis. He shows no blood in the cerebral part” he said.

And he added “we thought Castaña was hospitalized for a stroke but then we ruled out that possibility after we arrived at the Arcos Sanatorium.”

“He remains with chronic respiratory disorders, altered blood oxygen, which can lend to a brain confusion and an state of unconsciousness. He is not conscious but is asleep. We are assisting him with drugs in therapy. For now we must wait” concluded Cahe.

Now, Cacho Castaña is being followed closely by both Dr. Cahe and Dr. Lantos, director of the sanatorium, who knows him well.

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